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Denise Milton is a professional and damn good at what she does but her faith is tested when she finds herself attracted to her gorgeous partner, Troy Mader. After an unfortunate incident, Denise realizes she is not the only one who craves his touch. Testing the limits of their feelings drives them into the clutches of a tortured mind. Do they let their relationship unfold or will just a taste lead them to Deadly Temptations?


HOLY CRAP! Denise didn’t even get a breath in with how hot and heavy he was coming down. She pressed against his chest. Try pushing a mountain, you might have more luck.
She meant to open her mouth and give him a few choice words, but well, she got his tongue instead.
Were her toes tingling? Had to be from how pissed off she felt. Yep. Not. Her tongue was right there with him and before she knew it they were full-blown into a make-out session. All they needed; background music and some greasy pervert with a high tech camera.
A loud noise outside hit them like a bucket of cold water and Mader pulled away abruptly.
Denise stared at his broad back as he paced over to the other side of the office. She envied his fingers as they ran through all that black, silky hair.
Close your mouth and clean up the drool. How the hell was she going to continue working with him after this? They were obviously attracted to each other. If she was being honest with herself, he was front and center on her radar lately and his eyes did linger when she was in the room.
Denise crossed her arms over her chest in an effort to mask the way her chest was pumping as if she had just run a marathon. Wasn’t this grand?
The door clicked open and what do you know? In came sunshine with a bundle and a whole lot of hip action. The come and get me walk she had going on came to a stop much like the piercing sound when someone pulled the needle off a record back in the day.
Gina clutched the letters to her exposed chest and glanced at Mader and Denise. Her eyes sharpened and her usually smiling lips pressed together in an angry line.
“Your mail, Troy.” She walked over to his conference table and slapped it down. “Remember your meeting later.” She said over her shoulder before closing the door.
Denise stared after her. Moving her gaze back to Mader, she watched as he took a seat, his forefinger resting under his nose.
“Troy? Really? I don’t even call you by your first name. As a matter of fact, you would rip anyone who dared a new asshole.”
Mader moved forward resting his elbows on the desk. He seemed very tired and not at all the spitfire on the phone just moments ago.
“What the hell is happening and you better be straight with me,” she said. “I’m willing to forget the incident with us. This Troy thing? Not so much.” It irked the hell out of her that he might just be playing them both.
Mader leaned back, his body language a yo-yo of uncertainty.
“I could really use a fucking drink.”
Denise glanced at her watch. It was still early. They could probably get some breakfast instead. “Let’s go. We shouldn’t discuss this here anyway. Grab your coat and I’ll meet you in the parking lot in fifteen. I’ll drive.”


Sylvain is a vampire with the gift of shifting. She's independent and knows what she wants until she runs into another shifter on the prowl. His scent calls her to him and she finds the only way to spend this dangerous night is in his arms. 

Enter the world of The Red Velvet Trilogies where Vampires, known as The Legion, battle to protect their race from the rebel Insurgents. On a night like tonight, Halloween, dark magic is unleashed bringing horror the likes of which has never been seen.


I didn’t turn right away, waiting to see if I had gauged the smell in the air correctly.  It was the aroma of a male just back from shifting.  Pine and earth mixed with the heady arousal was a cocktail I would be glad to engage. 

I moved slowly, taking my time.  My eyes scanned the area, moving through the bodies writhing on the dance floor, oblivious to their obscenities.  His eyes drew me.  He stood directly across the huge space, leaning against the wall.  Looking down, I cursed when I saw the black shirt with the words STAFF across his chest.  Damn. It.

It figured the one male I wanted wouldn’t be able to….or let me rephrase...allowed to provide what I craved.  My eyes widened as he pushed away and came toward me.  I literally trembled when he stood not three feet from me.  His hand came up to push the mic piece closer to his mouth.

“I’m not leaving just yet.  I think I’m going to stick around.  Yeah, I’ll keep a good eye on her.  Later.”

Taking the contraption off from around his ear, he pushed it into his pocket, staring at me the entire time. 

“Sylvain is it?” He asked. 

His eyes were killing me.  They we piercing and it wasn’t the color.  I was accustomed to that. 

“Yes,” I answered him because the silence was making me crazy.  What was I supposed to say now?  Hey why did you run off when I wanted to get busy? 

He left for a reason.  Obviously, he wasn’t interested, especially now that he was tasked with the watching over me duty.  How unsexy was that?

“You really shouldn’t be out alone tonight.  I’m sure Silas gave you a good scolding for that.” 

I wanted to run my fingers through his dark blonde hair.  Damn.  “Yes.  He did.  But I’m here now and I’m sure there are about another dozen pair of eyes watching right now.”  I had to tease him.  It was second nature to me.

He smiled.  “You have me and that’s all you’ll need tonight.”

I think I soaked my panties right then.  I tilted my head and studied the light stubble on his jaw.  My eyes moved to the line of earrings running up his left ear, ending is a spiked stud on the top. 
“So do I pass your test?”


Back To Class 

Jamie has no intention of going to her class reunion. She had been the plain girl with the glasses and baggy clothes nobody noticed until she shows up in a skinned tight cat suit that blows Todd’s Remings’ socks off. Todd had been the love of Jamie’s high school years but playing the perfect football jock to his obnoxious girlfriend had made him miss the opportunity to get to know Jamie. He isn’t about to miss it this time. 

Summer Nights 

Krystal takes a chance by returning to the Florida Keys to visit her best friend. She found what she believed to be her true love there but instead had turned out getting betrayed in the worse possible way. Out on the town, she meets Shane, the sexy bartender working the bar. She swears never to let her heart be taken again but is helplessly drawn to him. What she learns later will make her question her choice in men. 

The Bachelorette Party 

Celeste has come back from college and joined the socialite crowd of New York City. Her best friend is getting married and Celeste dreads having to attend the bachelorette party but finds as the maid of honor, she has no choice. Fearful of enjoying her old ways, she is skeptical and isn’t scared to show it until she lands in the arms of the gorgeous stripper. 



One male stood out among the others. I would know those wide shoulders anywhere. Hadn’t I fantasized about them all through high school? Yes. I had. My gaze clashed with his and he came closer. Was he coming to talk to us?
“Holy crap! I would swear that is Todd walking toward us,” Lisa squealed.
I couldn’t talk. My lips pressed in a tight line. Suddenly the black bodysuit sticking to me like a second skin was smothering. I glanced to the side and sighed in pleasure when I saw there was a full bar. Lisa’s eyes widened as I made a beeline for it.
“Jamie wait!” She followed behind me.
High-heeled boots dug into the carpeted floors with determination. Once my elbows rested on the bar I felt safe, like a child playing ball and reaching first base before getting called out. I ordered my drink of choice and took a seat, getting nice and comfortable.
“Jamie, what the hell? You just missed out on Todd!”
I took a swig and glanced up at my best friend. “So what? If he knew it was scrawny Jamie under this latex contraption, he would have never gotten close.”
Lisa rolled her eyes. Always the enthusiast, it’s what kept her untainted with society’s cruelty.
“Oh yeah. Is that why he’s still staring at you from across the room?”
My gut clenched with…excitement? Another gulp of the happy juice and my eyes were wandering over to see if she was right. Yep. Todd was leaning that still spectacular body against the far wall, his peepers in my direction.


Katie, my best friend in the entire world, waved at me from the entrance. She was the real reason I had returned. Once I had married Brendon, his schedule made it impossible for me to make the trip from Jersey. God forbid I go somewhere without him. It probably meant I was fucking someone behind his back. Hindsight, he was a jealous animal because he had been doing the fucking.
I hugged Katie and reveled in her upbeat attitude.
“Whatever you’re thinking about, cut it— now,” she ordered.
I smiled. “You know me too well. The jerk seems to creep his way in whether I want him to or not.”
“Come. Let’s sit at the bar. I hear there’s a new bartender and he is way hot.”
I pushed at her shoulder. “That is the last thing I am interested in at the moment. Men are on my crap pile.”
“Oh come on. You can’t blame them all for one jerk-off.”
“It’s only been a couple of months since the divorce was final. Give me some time to enjoy the single life again.”
“Bah. You won’t last more than six months.”
I smiled and followed her through the crowd. It was late afternoon and the place was packed. Several biker dudes tipped their heads in my direction and I waved at them. No need to be rude.
I loved the atmosphere on this island and its people. Close knit and everyone knew everyone.
One of the local street vendors rang his bell as he rode by on his bike. I remembered him from my time here. He made the most incredible hats out of palm tree branches. I saluted him and he winked.
Living in Key West for almost two years had been great. Originally from a large city such as Houston made a girl appreciate the slow pace.
We sat on the wooden stools, Katie faced the street and I studied the bartender.
“Gorgeous, huh?”
I jerked back and looked in her direction. Busted.
“He’s nice looking.”
“Liar. He is delicious and totally single.”
“Good for him.”
For the first time in almost six months, my heart accelerated and it wasn’t with anger or bitterness.


Glass in hand, I made myself scarce in an alcove-like corner of the room. The games began and I simply ignored the contraption being tossed about like a hot potato. Two generous glasses of wine later, I watched as Connie unwrapped the biggest dildo I had ever seen in my life. What was the point? There was no way in hell anyone could actually use it. I sat back and waited to see what she would do with it. When grandma took hold of the thing and started to ride it like a pony, I stood, slightly swaying and stumbled into the ladies room. That’s what I got for sipping on cheap wine.
I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see how flushed I was. Running the cold water, I placed my hands to my cheeks and tried to cool them down. Loose tendrils of silver blonde hair had fallen from my up-do and I thought I looked kind of sexy. I turned to the side and didn’t like the pale pink lipstick I had chosen for the night. Something red would look much better with the black and white dress. Connie always kept extra makeup in the guest bathroom. I dug around until I found what I was looking for. The velvet shade accentuated my plump lips and made my flushed skin look like a healthy glow instead. I gulped down the rest of my wine and swore the salmon dip must have made me extra thirsty.
Digging through my purse, I cursed when I couldn’t find my body spray. Of course the bag could fit the state of Florida in it.
As I opened the door, loud screams and the thump of bass music greeted me. I bobbed my head to the beat.
I hated bass music.
I continued to bob my head as I walked out to the living room and into a very nice chest.

A VAMPIRE'S TOUCH (The Red Velvet Trilogy)

Sienna's life is changed forever after she agrees to visit a new nightclub with her best friend. The moment Sienna feels Jaxon Sparks' touch she's possessed, body and soul. One evening opens her world to undeniable passion, ever-lasting love and a bitter truth hidden by her mother since the day of her conception. 

Awakened into a new existence, Sienna strives to adjust to a dangerous vampire turf war which threatens their race and everything she loves... 

A Vampire's Touch is a short prequel to The Red Velvet Trilogy.


I didn’t have time to climb off of him.  He simply got out of the car with me attached to his waist.  Tightening my legs was a total waste of time. The way he held me, one hand on my ass and the other on my thigh, was enough.  I didn’t want to think about the driver or what he must be thinking.

My face snuggled into Jax’s neck, licking and kissing.  Somehow he opened the door and got us inside.  The realization of what was about to happen hit me like a bulldozer.  My body hummed with anticipation.  Jax didn’t give me time to think, he kissed me, letting my body slide along his until my four inch boots touched the floor.  I almost fell forward when he pulled away and strode toward the built in bar at the far side of the room.  I did, however, have the pleasure of staring at one fine specimen from behind.  He turned with a smirk as if he knew where my eyes had been seconds before.

Two glasses of wine in hand, he came toward me.  I was thankful.  Wine would relax my raging need to a more pleasant buzz.  I took a sip and closed my eyes.  He was front and center when I opened them, his intense gaze devouring me. We took more sips and just stared at each other. That alone was more intimate than a lovers touch. 

Jax reached up and took my glass, placing it together with his on the side table.  One hand cupped the side of my neck and the other brushed my hair back.

“You are so beautiful, Sienna.”
The desire in his gaze made my knees weak.  He bent and scooped me up, effortlessly.  The large double doors at the end of the hall got closer and my heartbeat accelerated.

THE DOM PRIZE (The Dominants Series, 1)



Gia Solaris is a woman in control of both her career and her relationships. But there is something missing in her love life. She doesn't realize what it is until she finds herself in the arms of a lover who shows her how to embrace submission. In doing so, Gia finds the ultimate pleasure but will that be enough?


 I walked, or did I float, over to him?  My chest swelled and I thought I was getting a bit lightheaded.  The slight scowl on his face brought me back to the situation and away from his stunning good looks.  His hazel eyes narrowed, studying my dress. Then he took a sip of his drink and smiled.
“Gia, it’s my pleasure to finally meet you. Drink?” He moved and there were two chairs behind him.
I sat, making a show of crossing my legs.  When he glanced down I felt a zap of excitement run through me.  God he was fine.  Light brown hair, cut short with a stylish faux hawk in the front.  He was dark which made those eyes pop out of his handsome face.  He wore a black dinner jacket with dress slacks.  His shirt was unbuttoned, no tie.  Damn that was sexy as hell.  “I’ll have a screwdriver, please.” I pursed my lips innocently.  His eyes told me he knew what I was up to.  Once I had my drink in hand, I felt much better.  The liquid helped me relax and I became more confident.  Until he whispered in my ear.
“Lose the panties.”
My core clenched with need.  Holy shit!  That was not at all what I was expecting to hear. I uncrossed my legs and felt the evidence of my arousal. “Right now?”
He took another sip.  “I want them in my hand.  Go.”
Was he fucking serious? When he didn’t blink but stared at me intently, I knew he wasn’t joking.  I stood, knowing this was my first test.  With a little smile, I turned on my heel and found the bathroom a short distance away.  Locking myself into the largest stall, I slipped my panties down my legs.  He wasn’t going to have much to hold on to.  I wadded them into my fist and walked back out.  Leaning against the bar, he talked on his phone and I had the pleasure of studying how his jacket stretched across wide shoulders. 
“That will be all.  Thanks.” He ended the call and slipped his phone into his pocket.
Smirking, he reached out.  “You have something for me.”
I raised an eyebrow and placed the black silk thong in his hand.  That was our first touch. He ran his middle finger along my palm as he took the material.  I stood mesmerized when he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply.  For the first time, I was stunned speechless.
Eyes flashing with desire, his hand fisted his prize possessively before slipping it in his pocket. 
“I think I’m ready to eat.” He smiled with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

TO LOVE A DOM (The Dominants Series, 2)


Gia is as independent as they come. On her own at eighteen, her future was hers to mold. Now with a successful career and a string of failed relationships, she meets the man who will introduce her to her inner most desires. Will she allow herself to surrender completely? 

JP Stone is a successful entrepreneur and a Dominant in the bedroom. He is ensnared with a dark beauty who tests the limits of his patience but sets his blood on fire. His goal is to make Gia his without breaking her free spirit. Will his sacrifice be enough?


I cursed as I stepped out into the frigid air.  It swept up my bare legs, not to mention the other areas of my body that were not covered.  My coat was impressive but not enough to keep me warm in my state of undress. 
Pulling my hood down, I hopped into the cab and give the driver my destination.  It would be approximately forty-five minutes after the appointed hour.  Perfect.
The concierge expected me, which was no surprise.  I was let into the keyed elevator and given the penthouse number where I could find Mr. Stone. 
I wondered how many had been given the same directions as I was receiving now.  I had to cool it with the jealousy.  It wasn’t my style. 
Top floor living, must be nice. The doors opened and there he was at the door, all masculine beauty in a white linen shirt with the sleeves pulled up around his elbows and the first few buttons undone.  My heart rate accelerated but I kept my facial expression in check. 
One hand was in his pocket; the other held a tumbler of some kind of alcohol. He raised his drink.
Without asking, he strode over to a massive bar located next to a beautiful black marbled fireplace.  I recognized the bottle right away. Hennessy Cognac. I followed him in.
He poured a small dose in a shot glass and offered it to me.  The game was on.  Would I walk over to him and retrieve my prize?  Why not?  I was in a generous mood at the moment.  Of course the ace I had up my sleeve was spurring me onward.
“You’re late,” he murmured.
“Forgive me?” I took the shot, licking a drop on my bottom lip as I placed the small glass down.
His eyes tracked the motion.  Teasing him into losing that unbreakable control he prided himself in was my ultimate goal tonight.
“Can I take your coat?”
I walked around the space, running my hands along the rich brown leather of the couch, so different from my off white d├ęcor.  His was dark and rich, sexy and sensual.  His space was absolutely gorgeous, all clean lines and modern fixtures.
My body hummed with desire.  I wish I had the power to walk out this instant and leave him wanting me.  I wish I could deny his pleasure and repay his betrayal.  The truth, I was weak when it came to him. 
Trying to distract my thoughts, I studied the incredible view from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park.  The corner unit afforded an almost panoramic view.  It was stellar.
Glancing at him over my shoulder, I smiled.
“I don’t think you can handle it.”
He returned my smile.
“Try me."

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The blurb:
Simon Temple knew when he met Laura Marshall in the third grade that he would love her forever—though it wasn’t until middle school that she finally admitted she felt the same way about him. College and career plans parted them for nearly a decade, but when Simon returned to Gracechurch to join the fire department there, it was not long before he and Laura were reunited.

For both, it was as though they’d never been apart, and an engagement soon followed. Then Laura shocked the entire town when she suddenly—and without explanation—called off the wedding two weeks before they were set to walk down the aisle. No amount of pleading on his part got an answer Simon could live with, and so he was left to pine away for a woman whom he had loved for a lifetime, but who apparently no longer wanted him.

Out of the blue, Laura is drawn into a police case being investigated by Simon’s detective brother, and his protective instincts come roaring to the surface. Will the connection between an abandoned infant and a series of threatening phone calls be discovered before the truth finally comes out, or will Laura take her secrets to her grave?

He looked toward his brother, noting once again that Sam seemed wary. Simon frowned. “What?”
Sam cocked his head and turned to walk toward the back of the ambulance. He leaned back against the side of it with a sigh, “You obviously haven’t spoken to Scott yet, which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing.”
“Dude, what are you talking about?”
Sam ran a hand through his hair and looked at him through hooded eyes. “I sorta mouthed off to Laura.”
Anger blossomed in his chest, and Simon stepped closer to him. “What the fuck did you say?” he asked.
Sam described what amounted to a tirade, concluding with Laura’s abrupt departure, and it was all Simon could do not to punch the younger man in the face.
“You had no right, little brother,” he seethed. “What happened between Laura and me is none of your damn business.”
“The hell it isn’t!” Sam countered hotly. “You’re my brother. She fucked you up man, leaving you like that. Not even giving you any damn explanation beyond ‘It just isn’t going to work.’ That’s pure bullshit—you deserve better than that after all the years you guys were together.”
Simon clenched his fists at his sides, closed his eyes, and counted to ten in his head. After taking a breath through his nose and releasing it slowly, he looked at his brother. “Sammy, I appreciate that you were looking out for me, but Scott was right—you were out of line. I repeat: What happened between Laura and me is none of your business.”

Author Bio:
Christina Moore has been writing stories off and on since childhood. She became an avid reader and writer of fan fiction in her late teens, and writes stories in make-believe universes even today. Now, some of those tales make her a little bit of money…though she still visits her favorite fandoms every now and then. She truly loves to read, and as a professional author she has published paranormal romance and romantic suspense.

Christina lives in Ohio with her four fur-kids and is currently working on her next writing project.

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I will be sending out your FREE short story soon.  Birthdays and life has just slowed me down but I hope to be back on track very soon.  I am excited to finish and get it to you.   The Neighbor was a story that popped into my head and I began writing it that same day.  It's fun, delicious and very sensual. Seriously, what would you do if you were in this position?  I think I would camp by my window all day long.

If you haven't read the sneak peak, go to "Free Snapshot Stories". Enjoy!

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VELVET DREAMS ~Cover Reveal~

I am so excited to reveal the NEW cover for Velvet Dreams!!

Coming soon...
 Cover Artist:  Fuzion Multimedia

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It's a new year and as with every year, I am motivated and pumped.  This year WILL be different.  It's my second as an indie author and I need to make some decisions.  I have a few goals and I and going to see them through.  First, Velvet Dreams, the first book in the Red Velvet Trilogy will be out in the next couple of months.  It should have been out over a year ago and for that I am still kicking myself in the ASS!!!
A Vampire's Touch, the prequel, had good success and became a bestseller on Amazon.  That should have been my big sign but instead, I wanted to try every option, got pulled in other directions and decided to start another series in the erotica genre.  50 shades was hot and I thought that was the way to go.  BIG MISTAKE.
I needed to make a sound business decision based on numbers and sales, I didn't.  I truly believe if VD had been released close after my bestseller, it may just have flown higher on the ranks.  It sure had the potential based on my previous numbers.
I have learned my lesson and I hope that readers from A Vampire's Touch will hold on for just a few more weeks.  It's been over a year and you will probably need to re-read AVT to remember all the cool stuff and what is yet to come.
This trilogy is different in that there is a unique element to these vampires.  The politics are soaring and so is the lust factor.  I plan to release A Vampire's Touch in print and have signed copies along with bookmarks as giveaways in a future event.  This is huge for me.  Holding a printed copy of my book?  Holy shit
 I hope you will stick with me on this crazy ride.