Sunday, January 7, 2018


EPISODE 3 by Mina J. Moore

My phone cracked from how hard I squeezed it.  Imaging it was Travis’s head was helping me get my crap together.  Once I released the death grip on my eight hundred dollar phone, I took and deep breathe and answered. 

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” 

Not very lady like but I really didn’t care.  The nerve.  His smug laughter put me over the edge.  “You can talk to my lawyer asshole!”

I hung up and shot my phone a bird.  Then I proceeded to block his number and everything else with his name attached. 

Moments later I was wrapped in my fluffy robe with a second cup of brew in both hands.  The doorbell had me groaning but Sammy and Lila’s smiley faces made up for the fact I had to move again. 

They walked past me after making sure I was alive. 

Rolling my eyes I answered all their questions.  “Yes I do have a pulse. Anything else?”

They giggled and we plopped onto the couch and discussed our crazy night.

“That ass was staring at you the entire time.” Sammy griped.

I stared into my cup.  “And he called me about an hour ago.”

Lila spit her water out and Sammy’s head almost snapped off her head. 

“Say again?”

“Yep.  He had the nerve to call me and try to sweet talk me.  I told him to fuck off and call my lawyer if he needed something. I also blocked him.

Sammy fell back on the couch and barked a laugh.  “You go girl.  That’s what I told you to do the minute the divorce was finalized. That douche bag!”

Lila sat up straighter.  “Do you think that’s wise? He may need to talk to you some day.”

I smiled when Sammy looked at her like she had grown an eye on her forehead. 

“Why the hell would he ever need to talk to her?  Ever?” Sammy asked.

Watching Lila stutter around an uncomfortable topic was a joy.  Her mother was a classy woman, gently bred in her home country and polished with impeccable manners.  I loved her dearly.  Her daughter couldn’t help but inherit Cheong’s ways. 

Lila looked away, her short bob swinging in her face. “Well, what if he gets in trouble or still has you as his emergency contact?”

I smiled and brushed my friends hair aside.  “You are just too good, Lila, but I am out of his life.  It’s up to him to get his affairs in order now.” 

I could feel the heat from Sammy gaze burning a hole in my back.  “He was an asshole and while I don’t wish him any harm, I also don’t want anything to do with him.”

Lila nodded.  “I understand and he was an asshole.”

Sammy busted out laughing. “I’ll toast to that.”

We all raised our mugs.

The following week sped by in a blur.  Work was crazy and I didn’t have time to think.  Home life consisted of eating, bathing, working some more and going to sleep.  This gala for the firm was killing me.  As the Marketing Director, I was in charge of making it happen.  Thank god for my assistant, Keith.  He was the best designer in New York City and he refused to leave my side. 

I glanced at my watch and cringed at the time.  Keith would be waiting for me at the venue and one thing that set him off was waiting.   Grabbing my to go cup, I rushed out and kissed the doorman when he had a car waiting for me, the perks of working for a big name and living in the good part of town.  I had earned everyone single thing I had with late hours, some of which cost me my marriage. 

In truth my job had done me a favor.  Travis would never be a one- woman man even if I were home, barefoot and pregnant.  His various affairs came out at the end and all at the same time.  It had been enough to cause the explosion that followed. 

The city traffic whizzed by while I contemplated the last five years of my life.  Travis, the handsome lawyer with the big blue eyes, was a cheat and a liar.  I still don’t know how I didn’t see it before.  I smirked at my reflection.  He was a lawyer after all.   My phone brought me back to reality and an angry Keith.

“Tell me you are on your way up Jaclyn.” He scream whispered.

I took a breath.  Keith using my full name was not a good sign.  “I am getting off the car right now, darling.  I’ll see you soon.”  I clicked off before he could start in on the sermon of punctuality.

I waited for the elevator and smiled as I imagined him stomping his foot.  The doors opened and I stood rooted to the ground.  The man on the other side was alone and smiling at me as he walked out.  A quick nod and he was gone.  I looked after him, thinking he looked familiar.  Shaking my head I entered the elevator and pressed “rooftop”. 

I could hear Keith’s screeching as I walked out and into the most glorious vision.  This was true glam.  The pool gleamed from the end of the terrace while the attendants shuffled to dress the tables and perfect the lighting for the night to come.  I caught a dirty look from my assistant and gave him a big wink.

He disentangled himself from a hundred questions and made quick work of getting to me. 

I held up my hand.  “Before you start, let me just tell you this place looks spectacular.”

He huffed a bit, straightened his bowtie and managed to smile.  “Well, this brilliance doesn’t happen easily.” 

I kissed his cheek.  “You are truly a miracle.  Did the champagne fountain arrive?” 

Keith looked at the doorway where three more people shuffled in carring a tremendous bouquet of orchids.  “Careful people!  Those cost me a fortune.” 

He dashed away to direct the placement and I was glad he was back to normal.  We had coordinated hundreds of these events over the years and Keith always stressed incessantly but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

I checked off all of the items on my list. The catering, bartenders, waiters were all ready to go.  Keith was still buzzing around making last minute changes.    Making my exit quickly before he could change his mind about something else, I reached the elevator and ran right into a solid chest. 


EPISODE 2 by Mina J. Moore

Travis waltzed into the bar with a strapping red head that could rival Jessica Rabbit.  I glanced down at my B cups and hated her instantly. 
“Do you want me to go kick him in the nut-sack?  It would be my pleasure.” Sammy promised.

I smiled wickedly just at the thought of Travis hunched over and purple from the blow.  “You always know what to say.”

I cast a dirty look his way and waited.  The instant his eyes found me, I smiled and blew him a kiss making sure Ms. Rabbit got a load of it.  Once I was satisfied with the look of astonishment on their faces, I grabbed my girls and we hit the dance floor.  After shaking my ass in Travis’s face a few times too many, Ms. Rabbit was tugging him out of the bar and into the teeming streets.  I watched as she lectured and he hailed a cab.  My job was done.

Three hours and too many margaritas later, they dragged me up to my apartment and left but not before tucking me in and administering the magic tonic called Advil.

The most excruciating siren woke me up the next morning.  I grappled with my phone wanting to push all the buttons just to make the damn thing shut off then I realized it was one of many ambulances swarming the streets of New York City.  It wouldn’t have phased me any other day.  God was merciful and the hideous noise faded quickly.  My face was numb and I could barely blink without crying.  I reached for the night table and wanted to kiss Sammy for leaving my sunglasses right were she knew I would need them.  The dimness they offered was a dream.  Opening my eyes I squinted at first then managed to make out the thin light peaking from the crack in the curtains.  I was going to kill Sammy for letting me drink that much.

Was I brave enough to sit?  My stomach didn’t think so.  For the next hour I laid like a statue praying to feel better.  After some test movements, I lifted my head and cringed.

One more hour and I was back at the moving stuff.  I had managed to fall back asleep and it was like starting over again.  If I wanted a nice hot shower I was going to have to sit and walk to the bathroom.  No choices here.

I convinced myself and stood very slowly.  My brain was doing summersaults in my head.  Once it calmed down, I waddled over and turned on the shower.  Undressing was a joy; the bending and up again.

The steaming water made me moan with bliss and after another half hour, I felt a bit revitalized.  The smell of coffee coming from my automatic love just outside my room had me shuffling over to pour a cup.  It helped with the wooziness and lifted me up some.  I jumped as my phone vibrated like a junky on my counter.  I didn’t recognize the number and thought about not picking up until I remembered the last time this had happened when Sammy managed to rear end a cop and used his phone to call me.

“Hello.” I answered anxiously.

“Hi doll.  You looked fantastic last night.”


EPISODE 1 by Mina J. Moore

The best day of my life was exiting the courtroom a free woman. The sun was shining brighter than ever.  I wanted to fly and soar over the city, shouting with glee.
The buses sped by and I applauded their resilience. I couldn't say the same a few months ago. I was broken, a mess of a woman wrapped for days in the same sheets my husband had shared. Swollen eyes had greeted me every morning. I had struggled to cover the circles under my eyes with the best foundation money could by. Those horrible days were so far behind me. My only regret, the ten years I wasted with dickhead.
Sammy and Lila were waiting for me to celebrate and I couldn't wait to get started. A quick cab ride had me there in a few minutes. Sammy's platinum blonde head bounced in the crowd as the music roared toward me and Lila waived me in with a huge smile.
"I have a drink ready and waiting!" she yelled.
I grabbed it and took a gulp big enough to choke on. No worries. I couldn't drink fast enough.
Drinking at this rate wasn't my thing but today I seriously didn't give a damn.
About anything...
Sammy jumped on my back like a koala bear and I had to steady myself against the bar.
"Yo! It's about time you get your fine ass over here."
I laughed as she slapped said ass. Sammy was the most outspoken, crazy ass bitch I knew but I loved her dearly. She was loyal and honest.
Lila was the sweetest person you could ever meet and wouldn't hurt a fly unless it was to defend someone she loved. Then watch out.
If there was one person she hated it was my ex-husband and Lila didn't hate anyone or anything.
Her eyes grew wide as she gazed over my shoulder. "Oh damn."
I turned to look at what had her all worked up especially since Lila rarely cursed.

"Oh damn is right." I mumbled.