Saturday, March 2, 2013

When is the Merry-Go-Round gonna stop?

Never!  Seems like recently I just can't keep up with all that is going on.  In case you didn't know, I have a full-time day job which is crazy and then there is the family.  My days are packed from the minute my feet hit my tiled bedroom floor until I fall asleep on my recliner, MacBook in hand.  Yes,  I do this daily!

Recently I have rallied a few followers to help me out with the promo side of this business and boy am I blessed with what I have.  I hope to hibernate very soon with the next book due out from THE RED VELVET TRILOGY, Velvet Dreams.  Many of you may recall a witty, hot vampire named Cade?  Yes that is Jax's brother from A Vampire's Touch.  He also made an appearance in Velvet Dawn, a short introduction into this sexy world (Free on Smashwords).  Well, now he has his own story and boy is he in for a big surprise.

I pray that I could pull this off before the end of Spring.  Keep your fingers crossed and I hope to hear from you all very soon.  THANKS for all of your support.

As always....Live, Love and Read.



  1. I am waiting Impatiently for this book!! Where the Merry Ground stops nobody knows! AS part of your team I am hoping to take a lot of marketing of your shoulders,

  2. I think your team is doing a good job at the marketing for you, so you can have some time to write our favorite books! This is such a thrill to be involved with your team. I truly love your work and is looking forward to Velvet Dreams! By the way, that's a really hot pic there! Love it!

  3. I too am blessed to be apart of the team. Plus extremely excited to read Velvet Dreams!! So proud of what you have done thus far, managing home, work, extra work, and putting up with us! We love you Mina!!