Saturday, April 19, 2014


Denise Milton is a professional and damn good at what she does but her faith is tested when she finds herself attracted to her gorgeous partner, Troy Mader. After an unfortunate incident, Denise realizes she is not the only one who craves his touch. Testing the limits of their feelings drives them into the clutches of a tortured mind. Do they let their relationship unfold or will just a taste lead them to Deadly Temptations?


HOLY CRAP! Denise didn’t even get a breath in with how hot and heavy he was coming down. She pressed against his chest. Try pushing a mountain, you might have more luck.
She meant to open her mouth and give him a few choice words, but well, she got his tongue instead.
Were her toes tingling? Had to be from how pissed off she felt. Yep. Not. Her tongue was right there with him and before she knew it they were full-blown into a make-out session. All they needed; background music and some greasy pervert with a high tech camera.
A loud noise outside hit them like a bucket of cold water and Mader pulled away abruptly.
Denise stared at his broad back as he paced over to the other side of the office. She envied his fingers as they ran through all that black, silky hair.
Close your mouth and clean up the drool. How the hell was she going to continue working with him after this? They were obviously attracted to each other. If she was being honest with herself, he was front and center on her radar lately and his eyes did linger when she was in the room.
Denise crossed her arms over her chest in an effort to mask the way her chest was pumping as if she had just run a marathon. Wasn’t this grand?
The door clicked open and what do you know? In came sunshine with a bundle and a whole lot of hip action. The come and get me walk she had going on came to a stop much like the piercing sound when someone pulled the needle off a record back in the day.
Gina clutched the letters to her exposed chest and glanced at Mader and Denise. Her eyes sharpened and her usually smiling lips pressed together in an angry line.
“Your mail, Troy.” She walked over to his conference table and slapped it down. “Remember your meeting later.” She said over her shoulder before closing the door.
Denise stared after her. Moving her gaze back to Mader, she watched as he took a seat, his forefinger resting under his nose.
“Troy? Really? I don’t even call you by your first name. As a matter of fact, you would rip anyone who dared a new asshole.”
Mader moved forward resting his elbows on the desk. He seemed very tired and not at all the spitfire on the phone just moments ago.
“What the hell is happening and you better be straight with me,” she said. “I’m willing to forget the incident with us. This Troy thing? Not so much.” It irked the hell out of her that he might just be playing them both.
Mader leaned back, his body language a yo-yo of uncertainty.
“I could really use a fucking drink.”
Denise glanced at her watch. It was still early. They could probably get some breakfast instead. “Let’s go. We shouldn’t discuss this here anyway. Grab your coat and I’ll meet you in the parking lot in fifteen. I’ll drive.”

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