Saturday, April 19, 2014


Sylvain is a vampire with the gift of shifting. She's independent and knows what she wants until she runs into another shifter on the prowl. His scent calls her to him and she finds the only way to spend this dangerous night is in his arms. 

Enter the world of The Red Velvet Trilogies where Vampires, known as The Legion, battle to protect their race from the rebel Insurgents. On a night like tonight, Halloween, dark magic is unleashed bringing horror the likes of which has never been seen.


I didn’t turn right away, waiting to see if I had gauged the smell in the air correctly.  It was the aroma of a male just back from shifting.  Pine and earth mixed with the heady arousal was a cocktail I would be glad to engage. 

I moved slowly, taking my time.  My eyes scanned the area, moving through the bodies writhing on the dance floor, oblivious to their obscenities.  His eyes drew me.  He stood directly across the huge space, leaning against the wall.  Looking down, I cursed when I saw the black shirt with the words STAFF across his chest.  Damn. It.

It figured the one male I wanted wouldn’t be able to….or let me rephrase...allowed to provide what I craved.  My eyes widened as he pushed away and came toward me.  I literally trembled when he stood not three feet from me.  His hand came up to push the mic piece closer to his mouth.

“I’m not leaving just yet.  I think I’m going to stick around.  Yeah, I’ll keep a good eye on her.  Later.”

Taking the contraption off from around his ear, he pushed it into his pocket, staring at me the entire time. 

“Sylvain is it?” He asked. 

His eyes were killing me.  They we piercing and it wasn’t the color.  I was accustomed to that. 

“Yes,” I answered him because the silence was making me crazy.  What was I supposed to say now?  Hey why did you run off when I wanted to get busy? 

He left for a reason.  Obviously, he wasn’t interested, especially now that he was tasked with the watching over me duty.  How unsexy was that?

“You really shouldn’t be out alone tonight.  I’m sure Silas gave you a good scolding for that.” 

I wanted to run my fingers through his dark blonde hair.  Damn.  “Yes.  He did.  But I’m here now and I’m sure there are about another dozen pair of eyes watching right now.”  I had to tease him.  It was second nature to me.

He smiled.  “You have me and that’s all you’ll need tonight.”

I think I soaked my panties right then.  I tilted my head and studied the light stubble on his jaw.  My eyes moved to the line of earrings running up his left ear, ending is a spiked stud on the top. 
“So do I pass your test?”

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  1. So, when can I get more of "The Red Velvet Trilogy"?