Saturday, April 19, 2014

TO LOVE A DOM (The Dominants Series, 2)


Gia is as independent as they come. On her own at eighteen, her future was hers to mold. Now with a successful career and a string of failed relationships, she meets the man who will introduce her to her inner most desires. Will she allow herself to surrender completely? 

JP Stone is a successful entrepreneur and a Dominant in the bedroom. He is ensnared with a dark beauty who tests the limits of his patience but sets his blood on fire. His goal is to make Gia his without breaking her free spirit. Will his sacrifice be enough?


I cursed as I stepped out into the frigid air.  It swept up my bare legs, not to mention the other areas of my body that were not covered.  My coat was impressive but not enough to keep me warm in my state of undress. 
Pulling my hood down, I hopped into the cab and give the driver my destination.  It would be approximately forty-five minutes after the appointed hour.  Perfect.
The concierge expected me, which was no surprise.  I was let into the keyed elevator and given the penthouse number where I could find Mr. Stone. 
I wondered how many had been given the same directions as I was receiving now.  I had to cool it with the jealousy.  It wasn’t my style. 
Top floor living, must be nice. The doors opened and there he was at the door, all masculine beauty in a white linen shirt with the sleeves pulled up around his elbows and the first few buttons undone.  My heart rate accelerated but I kept my facial expression in check. 
One hand was in his pocket; the other held a tumbler of some kind of alcohol. He raised his drink.
Without asking, he strode over to a massive bar located next to a beautiful black marbled fireplace.  I recognized the bottle right away. Hennessy Cognac. I followed him in.
He poured a small dose in a shot glass and offered it to me.  The game was on.  Would I walk over to him and retrieve my prize?  Why not?  I was in a generous mood at the moment.  Of course the ace I had up my sleeve was spurring me onward.
“You’re late,” he murmured.
“Forgive me?” I took the shot, licking a drop on my bottom lip as I placed the small glass down.
His eyes tracked the motion.  Teasing him into losing that unbreakable control he prided himself in was my ultimate goal tonight.
“Can I take your coat?”
I walked around the space, running my hands along the rich brown leather of the couch, so different from my off white d├ęcor.  His was dark and rich, sexy and sensual.  His space was absolutely gorgeous, all clean lines and modern fixtures.
My body hummed with desire.  I wish I had the power to walk out this instant and leave him wanting me.  I wish I could deny his pleasure and repay his betrayal.  The truth, I was weak when it came to him. 
Trying to distract my thoughts, I studied the incredible view from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park.  The corner unit afforded an almost panoramic view.  It was stellar.
Glancing at him over my shoulder, I smiled.
“I don’t think you can handle it.”
He returned my smile.
“Try me."

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