Saturday, April 19, 2014

THE DOM PRIZE (The Dominants Series, 1)



Gia Solaris is a woman in control of both her career and her relationships. But there is something missing in her love life. She doesn't realize what it is until she finds herself in the arms of a lover who shows her how to embrace submission. In doing so, Gia finds the ultimate pleasure but will that be enough?


 I walked, or did I float, over to him?  My chest swelled and I thought I was getting a bit lightheaded.  The slight scowl on his face brought me back to the situation and away from his stunning good looks.  His hazel eyes narrowed, studying my dress. Then he took a sip of his drink and smiled.
“Gia, it’s my pleasure to finally meet you. Drink?” He moved and there were two chairs behind him.
I sat, making a show of crossing my legs.  When he glanced down I felt a zap of excitement run through me.  God he was fine.  Light brown hair, cut short with a stylish faux hawk in the front.  He was dark which made those eyes pop out of his handsome face.  He wore a black dinner jacket with dress slacks.  His shirt was unbuttoned, no tie.  Damn that was sexy as hell.  “I’ll have a screwdriver, please.” I pursed my lips innocently.  His eyes told me he knew what I was up to.  Once I had my drink in hand, I felt much better.  The liquid helped me relax and I became more confident.  Until he whispered in my ear.
“Lose the panties.”
My core clenched with need.  Holy shit!  That was not at all what I was expecting to hear. I uncrossed my legs and felt the evidence of my arousal. “Right now?”
He took another sip.  “I want them in my hand.  Go.”
Was he fucking serious? When he didn’t blink but stared at me intently, I knew he wasn’t joking.  I stood, knowing this was my first test.  With a little smile, I turned on my heel and found the bathroom a short distance away.  Locking myself into the largest stall, I slipped my panties down my legs.  He wasn’t going to have much to hold on to.  I wadded them into my fist and walked back out.  Leaning against the bar, he talked on his phone and I had the pleasure of studying how his jacket stretched across wide shoulders. 
“That will be all.  Thanks.” He ended the call and slipped his phone into his pocket.
Smirking, he reached out.  “You have something for me.”
I raised an eyebrow and placed the black silk thong in his hand.  That was our first touch. He ran his middle finger along my palm as he took the material.  I stood mesmerized when he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply.  For the first time, I was stunned speechless.
Eyes flashing with desire, his hand fisted his prize possessively before slipping it in his pocket. 
“I think I’m ready to eat.” He smiled with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

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