Monday, June 30, 2014


I have decided to go back to what works.  Velvet Dawn was originally written to benefit breast cancer in collaboration with other authors.  After it's run, we each published our work through different retailers.  Smashwords was the best option at that time and I offered it for free with over 1200 downloads.  Yes, I was a happy camper.  It propelled the next book, A Vampire's Touch, into the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller list in it's category and I was jumping like a banshee on one foot.

I think you guys get the point.  It's a very short introduction to that series (25 pages) but it's action packed (in every way) and takes place in one night.  So, Free is the way to go with that puppy.

Once it's live on Smashwords then I will start the campaign to get Amazon to offer it for Free also.

Until then, keep reading and loving!


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