Monday, July 14, 2014


Summer is a hard time for me to put my writing first.  It should totally be first.  Maybe if I lived alone and didn't have a teenager and an eight year old son.  Oh and did I mention the full time job?  It's tough.  Kids are enjoying their free time and camp while I continue with the same routine.  Summer vacation with the family looms ahead and now that it's over, I find myself with a ton to do.
Writing is like an addiction and I tend to get cranky if I can't get to it.  My husband has pointed this out repeatedly.  I tend to get quiet and if someone makes any noise including the wrapper of a candy being scrunched, I can blow in five seconds.  Yes, it's that bad.
Now that the family is settled back into the fun time routine of lounging around (my teenager) and camp (the younger son), I can hopefully dedicate more time to the sexy hot stories you all love.

Coming up 2014-2015

Velvet Dreams (Book 1, The Red Velvet Trilogy)
Velvet Dreams Release Party
Print/Signed copies (Not sure which book yet)

Velvet Shadows (Book 2, The Red Velvet Trilogy
A Submissive's Pain (The Dominants, Book 3)
Velvet Lies (Book 3, The Red Velvet Trilogy)

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