Saturday, April 19, 2014

A VAMPIRE'S TOUCH (The Red Velvet Trilogy)

Sienna's life is changed forever after she agrees to visit a new nightclub with her best friend. The moment Sienna feels Jaxon Sparks' touch she's possessed, body and soul. One evening opens her world to undeniable passion, ever-lasting love and a bitter truth hidden by her mother since the day of her conception. 

Awakened into a new existence, Sienna strives to adjust to a dangerous vampire turf war which threatens their race and everything she loves... 

A Vampire's Touch is a short prequel to The Red Velvet Trilogy.


I didn’t have time to climb off of him.  He simply got out of the car with me attached to his waist.  Tightening my legs was a total waste of time. The way he held me, one hand on my ass and the other on my thigh, was enough.  I didn’t want to think about the driver or what he must be thinking.

My face snuggled into Jax’s neck, licking and kissing.  Somehow he opened the door and got us inside.  The realization of what was about to happen hit me like a bulldozer.  My body hummed with anticipation.  Jax didn’t give me time to think, he kissed me, letting my body slide along his until my four inch boots touched the floor.  I almost fell forward when he pulled away and strode toward the built in bar at the far side of the room.  I did, however, have the pleasure of staring at one fine specimen from behind.  He turned with a smirk as if he knew where my eyes had been seconds before.

Two glasses of wine in hand, he came toward me.  I was thankful.  Wine would relax my raging need to a more pleasant buzz.  I took a sip and closed my eyes.  He was front and center when I opened them, his intense gaze devouring me. We took more sips and just stared at each other. That alone was more intimate than a lovers touch. 

Jax reached up and took my glass, placing it together with his on the side table.  One hand cupped the side of my neck and the other brushed my hair back.

“You are so beautiful, Sienna.”
The desire in his gaze made my knees weak.  He bent and scooped me up, effortlessly.  The large double doors at the end of the hall got closer and my heartbeat accelerated.

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