Saturday, April 19, 2014


Back To Class 

Jamie has no intention of going to her class reunion. She had been the plain girl with the glasses and baggy clothes nobody noticed until she shows up in a skinned tight cat suit that blows Todd Reming's socks off. Todd had been the love of Jamie’s high school years but playing the perfect football jock to his obnoxious girlfriend had made him miss the opportunity to get to know Jamie. He isn’t about to miss it this time. 

Summer Nights 

Krystal takes a chance by returning to the Florida Keys to visit her best friend. She found what she believed to be her true love there but instead had turned out getting betrayed in the worse possible way. Out on the town, she meets Shane, the sexy bartender working the bar. She swears never to let her heart be taken again but is helplessly drawn to him. What she learns later will make her question her choice in men. 

The Bachelorette Party 

Celeste has come back from college and joined the socialite crowd of New York City. Her best friend is getting married and Celeste dreads having to attend the bachelorette party but finds as the maid of honor, she has no choice. Fearful of enjoying her old ways, she is skeptical and isn’t scared to show it until she lands in the arms of the gorgeous stripper. 



One male stood out among the others. I would know those wide shoulders anywhere. Hadn’t I fantasized about them all through high school? Yes. I had. My gaze clashed with his and he came closer. Was he coming to talk to us?
“Holy crap! I would swear that is Todd walking toward us,” Lisa squealed.
I couldn’t talk. My lips pressed in a tight line. Suddenly the black bodysuit sticking to me like a second skin was smothering. I glanced to the side and sighed in pleasure when I saw there was a full bar. Lisa’s eyes widened as I made a beeline for it.
“Jamie wait!” She followed behind me.
High-heeled boots dug into the carpeted floors with determination. Once my elbows rested on the bar I felt safe, like a child playing ball and reaching first base before getting called out. I ordered my drink of choice and took a seat, getting nice and comfortable.
“Jamie, what the hell? You just missed out on Todd!”
I took a swig and glanced up at my best friend. “So what? If he knew it was scrawny Jamie under this latex contraption, he would have never gotten close.”
Lisa rolled her eyes. Always the enthusiast, it’s what kept her untainted with society’s cruelty.
“Oh yeah. Is that why he’s still staring at you from across the room?”
My gut clenched with…excitement? Another gulp of the happy juice and my eyes were wandering over to see if she was right. Yep. Todd was leaning that still spectacular body against the far wall, his peepers in my direction.


Katie, my best friend in the entire world, waved at me from the entrance. She was the real reason I had returned. Once I had married Brendon, his schedule made it impossible for me to make the trip from Jersey. God forbid I go somewhere without him. It probably meant I was fucking someone behind his back. Hindsight, he was a jealous animal because he had been doing the fucking.
I hugged Katie and reveled in her upbeat attitude.
“Whatever you’re thinking about, cut it— now,” she ordered.
I smiled. “You know me too well. The jerk seems to creep his way in whether I want him to or not.”
“Come. Let’s sit at the bar. I hear there’s a new bartender and he is way hot.”
I pushed at her shoulder. “That is the last thing I am interested in at the moment. Men are on my crap pile.”
“Oh come on. You can’t blame them all for one jerk-off.”
“It’s only been a couple of months since the divorce was final. Give me some time to enjoy the single life again.”
“Bah. You won’t last more than six months.”
I smiled and followed her through the crowd. It was late afternoon and the place was packed. Several biker dudes tipped their heads in my direction and I waved at them. No need to be rude.
I loved the atmosphere on this island and its people. Close knit and everyone knew everyone.
One of the local street vendors rang his bell as he rode by on his bike. I remembered him from my time here. He made the most incredible hats out of palm tree branches. I saluted him and he winked.
Living in Key West for almost two years had been great. Originally from a large city such as Houston made a girl appreciate the slow pace.
We sat on the wooden stools, Katie faced the street and I studied the bartender.
“Gorgeous, huh?”
I jerked back and looked in her direction. Busted.
“He’s nice looking.”
“Liar. He is delicious and totally single.”
“Good for him.”
For the first time in almost six months, my heart accelerated and it wasn’t with anger or bitterness.


Glass in hand, I made myself scarce in an alcove-like corner of the room. The games began and I simply ignored the contraption being tossed about like a hot potato. Two generous glasses of wine later, I watched as Connie unwrapped the biggest dildo I had ever seen in my life. What was the point? There was no way in hell anyone could actually use it. I sat back and waited to see what she would do with it. When grandma took hold of the thing and started to ride it like a pony, I stood, slightly swaying and stumbled into the ladies room. That’s what I got for sipping on cheap wine.
I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see how flushed I was. Running the cold water, I placed my hands to my cheeks and tried to cool them down. Loose tendrils of silver blonde hair had fallen from my up-do and I thought I looked kind of sexy. I turned to the side and didn’t like the pale pink lipstick I had chosen for the night. Something red would look much better with the black and white dress. Connie always kept extra makeup in the guest bathroom. I dug around until I found what I was looking for. The velvet shade accentuated my plump lips and made my flushed skin look like a healthy glow instead. I gulped down the rest of my wine and swore the salmon dip must have made me extra thirsty.
Digging through my purse, I cursed when I couldn’t find my body spray. Of course the bag could fit the state of Florida in it.
As I opened the door, loud screams and the thump of bass music greeted me. I bobbed my head to the beat.
I hated bass music.
I continued to bob my head as I walked out to the living room and into a very nice chest.

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